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Title Author Description Category Date In print?
A Face Beside the Fire: Memories of Dawn Grey Owl Richardson Richardson, Bob This book describes the years Anahareo and Grey Owl's daughter, Dawn, spent with Bob Richardson, including accounts of their travels and pilgrimages. Written in straightforward and honest language, this book provides a unique glimpse into the life and personality of Dawn and her mother Anahareo. Biographies & Memoirs - Other 2001 Yes
Anahareo: A Wilderness Spirit Gleeson, Kristin The best and most comprehensive biography of Anahareo, this book begins its study with Anahareo's ancestors and follows her beyond her parting with Grey Owl, to her death in 1986.In exploring Anahareo's story, Gleeson also offers insightful commentary into the racial and social constructs of 20th Century Canada. Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 2012 Yes
And Mighty Women Too: Stories of Notable Western Canadian Women MacEwan, Grant A companion publication to Fifty Mighty Men by the same author, MacEwan's book sketches biographical account of notable Canadian women, including Anahareo. Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 1975 No
Bill Guppy: King of the Woodsmen Pink, Hal This book co-authored by (and about), Grey Owl's bush mentor Bill Guppy includes a chapter about Grey Owl, in which Guppy describes how they met, how Grey Owl got his start in the woods, and his impressions of the man. Biographies & Memoirs - Other 1940 No
Burdens of Proof: Faith, Doubt, and Identity in Autobiography Egan, Susanna This book examines a broad range of impostures in the United States, Canada, and Europe -- including Grey Owl's -- within the historical context of their times. Non-Fiction 2011 Yes
Canadian Mysteries of the Unexplained: Investigations into the Fantastic, the Bizarre and the Disturbing Marlowe, John An exploration of some of the Canada’s most baffling events, creatures and personages -- including Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 2009 Yes
Devil in Deerskins: My Life with Grey Owl Anahareo Anahareo's best-selling book, her second autobiography, begins with her meeting Grey Owl and ends with their parting in 1936. Unlike her first book, this time, Anahareo was allowed to tell the story without restrictions. Most recently republished in 2014. Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 1975 Yes
Famous Dead Canadians 2 Stanbridge, Joanne Geared towards children with humorous text and illustrations, this collection of stories about (dead) people who made their mark on Canada includes an entry on Grey Owl. Children's Literature 2006 Yes
From the Land of Shadows: The Making of Grey Owl Smith, Donald B. Arguably the most comprehensive and masterful study of the enigmatic Grey Owl by one of the world's leading researchers of Canadian Aboriginal history. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1990 No
Grey Owl Shipton, Vicky A biography of Grey Owl geared towards children. Rated as Level 3, Pre-intermediate Children's Literature 2008 No
Grey Owl and Me: Stories from the Trail and Beyond Wilson, Hap Inspired by the Grey Owl's writings, the author tells of how he adopted a lifestyle similar to the 1930s conservationist, but with its own twists and turns along a meandering path full of humorous misadventures. Non-Fiction 2010 Yes
Grey Owl and the Beaver Cory, Harper A biography of Grey Owl that describes his pioneering work in beaver conservation, which includes a chapter written by Grey Owl that describes beaver activities. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1935 No
Grey Owl: The Curious Life of Archie Belaney Ternier Gordon, Irene An easy-to-read and accessible introduction to Grey Owl's remarkable true story. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 2004 Yes
Grey Owl: The Incredible Story of Archie Belaney, 1888-1938 Hutchinson, Geoff A local publication from Grey Owl's hometown, Hastings, this pamphlet is a succinct biography of one of Hastings' most colorful characters. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1985 No
Grey Owl: The Many Faces of Archie Belaney Billinghurst, Jane Described as a "wonderfully photographed and gently written biography," this traces Grey Owl's journey as he develops and refines his identity, and introduces the people who influenced his life. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1999 No
Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archie Belaney Ruffo, Armand A collection of narrative poetry and journal entries which examines this dynamic, often contradictory, always fascinating man who reconstructed his identity and delivered a message of conservation to the world. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1997 Yes
Guardians of the Wild: A History of the Warden Service of Canada's National Parks Burns, Robert J. A study of the trials, triumphs and tragedies of Canada's parks, fire, and game wardens, this book is a complete history of protection and management inside Canada's national parks and includes references to Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 1999 No
Half-Breed: The Story of Grey Owl Dickson, Lovat The first biography of Grey Owl by his publisher, written shortly after Grey Owl's death. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1939 No
Hastings Past Marchant, Rex A history of Grey Owl's birthplace, Hastings, including references to Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 1997 Yes
He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl Punshon, Lori An illustrated children's book telling the story of Grey Owl. Children's Literature 2006 Yes
In the Footsteps of Grey Owl: Journey Into the Ancient Forest McGuffin, Gary & Joanie Through words and photographs, this book takes its readers on a 1200-mile, virtual canoe trip through "Grey Owl Country." Non-Fiction 2002 No
In the Shadow of Inspiration: Canada's National Parks and Beyond Ashbourn, Julian A unique book that draws together many strands in order to embrace concepts such as conservation, natural history, and social history. In so doing, it revisits the story of Grey Owl Belaney and his essential message and considers the early settlement of Canada. Non-Fiction 2012 Yes
Iroquois Women: An Anthology Spittal, William Guy (ed) This collection of articles on the social and legal status of women in Iroquois society, past and present, includes references to Anahareo. Non-Fiction 1990 No
My Life with Grey Owl Anahareo Anahareo's first book tells the story of her childhood through to her meeting Grey Owl and his decision to stop trapping. In writing the book, Anahareo was instructed to refrain from making any mention of Grey Owl's heritage, which led to her later referring to her own book as an "uncertain biography." Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 1940 No
On the Trail: Pages from the Writings of Grey Owl Reynolds, E. E. (ed) A selection of the writings of Grey Owl edited for young readers. It offers a variety of stories and impressions of life in the Canadian wilderness taken from Tales of an Empty Cabin and Men of the Last Frontier. Most recently republished in 2011. Children's Literature 1940 Yes
Other Selves: Animals in the Canadian Literary Imagination Fiamengo, Janice Anne This book explores how and what the animals in this country have meant through all genres and periods of Canadian writing, focusing sometimes on individual texts and at other times on broader issues. Includes references to Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 2007 Yes
Pilgrims of the Wild Grey Owl Grey Owl's autobiographical account of his transition from trapper to preservationist. Powerful in its simplicity, Pilgrims of the Wild tells the story of Grey Owl's cohabitation with the wild creatures of nature and the healing powers of what he referred to as "the great Northland". Most recently reprinted in 2010. Also available in Canada via Project Gutenberg. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1935 Yes
Recollecting: Lives of Aboriginal Women of the Canadian Northwest and Borderlands Carter, Sarah and Patricia A. McCormack, eds. This collection of essays dedicated to selected late-eighteenth-century to mid-twentieth-century Aboriginal women who have been otherwise overlooked in the history books includes a chapter on Anahareo written by Kristin Gleeson. Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 2011 Yes
Richard Attenborough Robinson, David A biography of filmmaker Richard Attenborough, which includes a chapter on Grey Owl and his influence on Attenborough's work. Biographies & Memoirs - Other 2008 Yes
Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Newspapers Cronlund Anderson, Mark Seeing Red is a groundbreaking study of how Canadian English-language newspapers have portrayed Aboriginal peoples from 1869 to the present day. It assesses a wide range of publications on topics that includes the revelation of Grey Owl's deception. Non-Fiction 2011 Yes
Smoke Richardson, Dawn Set in the wilderness of British Columbia, Smoke is the story of a year in the life of a fifteen-year-old Métis boy, David Quinn, and his friendship with a wolf pup, "Smoke." A unique coming-of-age tale that explores the interdependence of humans and nature. Children's Literature 1985 Yes
Son of an Orphan Richardson, Bob Anahareo's son-in-law, Bob Richardson, describes his childhood in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) during the Great Depression, his experience of the war, and the comfort and peace he found in his beloved wilderness. Biographies & Memoirs - Other 2003 Yes
Strange Things: The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature Atwood, Margaret Focusing on the imaginative mystique of the wilderness of the Canadian North, this book explores Canadian myths and their reinventions in the work of writers, including the "Grey Owl Syndrome" of white writers "going native." Non-Fiction 1995 No
Tales of an Empty Cabin Grey Owl A collection of stories by Grey Owl; some are tall tales and others are drawn from the author's own life experiences, but all showcase Grey Owl's unique wit, charm, and passion for nature. Most recently republished in 2010. Available online in Canada via Our Roots (University of Calgary / Université Laval) Fiction 1936 Yes
The Adventures of Sajo and her Beaver People Grey Owl This children's story by Grey Owl, which contains a strong underlying message about the importance of environmental conservation, follows the adventures of two beavers who are rescued by a First Nations hunter and taken to his village to live with his children, Sajo and Shapian. Most recently published in 2011. Available in Canada via Project Gutenberg. Children's Literature 1935 Yes
The Ancestors are Arranging Things: A Journey on the Algonkin Trail Kruzich, Noreen The story of the Nipissing and Algonquin people of Ontario, this book includes information relating to Anahareo's great-grandfather, François Papineau, his contemporaries, and their struggle to find a place in the changing political landscape. Non-Fiction 2011 Yes
The Beavers: Pages from the Writings of Grey Owl Reynolds, E. E. (ed) A selection of the writings of Grey Owl edited for young readers. Divided into two parts, the first part is taken from Grey Owl's book The Adventures of Sajo and her Beaver People, and the second part contains a selection of other stories related to beavers taken from Grey Owl's other books. Most recently republished in 2011. Children's Literature 1940 Yes
The Great Adventure, in Manitoba History 29 (1995) Grey Owl Believed to have been written by Grey Owl in 1931, this article, which was reprinted in the journal Manitoba History, discusses his early efforts to establish a beaver colony Magazine / Journal article 1931 No
The Green Leaf: A Tribute to Grey Owl Dickson, Lovat Written shortly after Grey Owl's death, this book is an account of Grey Owl's last months and includes letters he wrote to his publisher, the book's author. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1938 No
The Men of the Last Frontier Grey Owl Part memoir, part history of the vanishing wilderness in Canada, and part compendium of animal and First Nations tales and lore Grey Owl's literary debut is a passionate, compelling appeal for the protection and preservation of the natural environment that is still greatly relevant today. Most recently reprinted in 2011. Available online in Canada via Project Gutenberg and The Internet Archive. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1932 Yes
The Pleasures of Deception Moss, Norman A humorous collection of anecdotes about swindlers, con-artists and people who have otherwise deceived their contemporaries as to their true identities -- including Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 1977 No
The Tree Grey Owl One of the most popular stories from Tales of an Empty Cabin, The Tree follows the 650-year life of a jackpine through all its interactions with other living creatures, providing food for thought on how humans interact with nature. Fiction 1937 No
The World's Most Mysterious People Fanthorpe, Lionel & Patricia A study of strange, mysterious, and intriguing personalities from around the world that includes a chapter on Grey Owl. Non-Fiction 1998 Yes
Waskesiu Memories: On the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Opening Ceremonies of Prince Albert National Park. Taylor, Dorell Three volumes of personal stories about Prince Albert National Park, including some on its famous residents, Grey Owl and Anahareo. Biographies & Memoirs - Other 1998 No
Wilderness Man: The Strange Story of Grey Owl Dickson, Lovat This biography written by Grey Owl's publisher covers Grey Owl's life as a trapper in Northern Ontario, his Canadian army service, during World War I, and subsequent career as a conservationist. 2nd edition printed 1999. Biographies & Memoirs - Grey Owl 1974 Yes
Wilderness Women: Canada's Forgotten History Johnston, Jean This book contains vignettes from the personal lives of eight remarkable Canadian women, including Anahareo. Biographies & Memoirs - Anahareo 1976 No
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