Her Story

About the free-spirited woman who transformed a trapper into a conservationist.

Anahareo Remembered

Anahareo was a remarkable woman whose influence went beyond the lives of those she knew, inspiring thousands of people whom she had never met -- some of whom were not even born in her lifetime! This page collects articles written by or about those people, and is intended as a tribute her memory.

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"A Free Spirit", by Gabriel Fritzen, 2002. An article based on a 2002 interview with Anahareo's daughter, Katherine, as well as correspondence with Anahareo's son-in-law, Bob.

Anahareo Inspires a Writer, by Kristin Gleeson, 2014. Author Kristin Gleeson tells of how she was inspired to research and write her biography, Anahareo: A Wilderness Spirit, which was published in 2012 by Fireship Press.

Memories of Grey Owl, by Peter Leney, 2014. Travel writer Peter Leney describes his pilgrimage to Anahareo and Grey Owl's first home, where they originally sought to establish their beaver colony, and where their first film, Beaver People, was made.